News ‖ 国际学院和研究生院联合代表队在2017“迎新杯”男足赛事中全胜夺冠

A Team of  The International School& Graduate

School  won the Men’s Soccer Championship


On the afternoon of October 25th, the final match of the 2017 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute New Cup Football Match was held in Xianghu campus. The match was between the team of  The International School and The Graduate School and the team of the Mechanical and Electronic Engineering School.


The two teams had a nail-biter for 90 minutes. Finally, with two clutch shots from Yu Qifeng and Robert, the team of The International School and The Graduate School defeated the team of The Mechanical and Electronic Engineering School 2 to 0, winning the championship of 2017 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute New Cup Football Match.


The football match lasted for half a month. The Graduate School scored a total of 18 points during the 41st Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Sports Meeting.

It is reported that nearly half of the members of the team are international students from South Korea, Uganda, France, South Africa and other countries. With extensive and hardcore training, they prevailed at the end of overall match, keeping in the spirit of “Friendship first, competition second” which is also a reflection of the spirit of the students in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.

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