News ‖ 我校国际学院留学生在江西省第五届外国留学生汉语大赛中获奖

Good results achieved in the finals of the 5th Chinese Language Competition for International Students in Jiangxi

11月12日,由江西省教育厅主办、江西教育电视台承办的“中国梦·赣鄱情”第五届外国留学生汉语大赛决赛在江西中医药大学落下帷幕。我校国际学院遴派的马来西亚籍留学生吴镇熙(Goh Zhenxi)成功晋级决赛,并获得大赛三等奖。我校荣获“中国梦·赣鄱情”第五届外国留学生汉语大赛“优秀组织奖”特别荣誉。

On November 12th , the final round of the 5th Chinese Speaking Competition for International Students in Jiangxi was held in the Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Malaysian student Goh Zhenxi from the International School in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute took part in the final competition and won the third prize. And, our school won the award of “Excellent Organization” of the competition.

比赛全面考察了参赛选手的汉语综合能力、才艺展示能力及舞台应变能力等,经过初赛、复赛的激烈比拼,从来自全省17所高校的50名国际留学生中共角出10名选手进入决赛。本次大赛,我校选派了两位留学生参赛,其中,马来西亚籍留学生吴镇熙(Goh Zhenxi)以总评第二名的成绩成为大赛“10强”,成功晋级决赛,最终凭借歌伴舞才艺表演《我在景德镇等你》博得评委及现场观众的一致好评,荣获大赛三等奖。

10 international students from various universities attended the final competition which tested the foreign contestants’ abilities of comprehensive Chinese, talent abilities and stage performance. Two international students from our school took part in the competition and the Malaysian student Goh Zhenxi made it to top 10 in the semi-final competition gaining him an opportunity to participate in the final competition. In the final competition, he sang a song named “I am waiting for you in Jingdezhen” with a dance show which received good remarks from both of the judges and spectators.